BNP Nava Yuva

BNP Nava Yuva is a movement to herald the entry of youngsters into Bengaluru’s local political governance. We derive our principles from the Bengaluru Navanirmana Party (BNP), which is India’s only political party with a singular focus on the urban municipal governance of just ONE city. At Nava Yuva, we believe that the youth of Bengaluru represent immense untapped energy that can be used to transform the administration of our city. Our purpose is to encourage and inspire youngsters to get involved in local governance by spreading knowledge, working on the ground, voting, and even contesting elections. All we need is for you to join us in our mission!

Fill the form, and our team will get in touch with you. You will also be able to convert your work into an internship by working with any of our teams for a minimum period of 30 days or 60 hours.

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  • General Volunteer - Participate in Nava Yuva's events and stay updated with the work
  • Nava Yuva Task Force - Be part of a group that actively takes up on-ground issues and attempts to get them resolved
  • Design & Marketing Team - Work on creating visuals, strategies, social media management, videography, editing
  • Outreach & Administration - Identify relevant groups, make calls and pitches, plan collaborations and partnerships
  • Nava Yuva Think Tank - Engage in simple, effective, relevant research, write scripts for videos and content for posts
  • Volunteering
  • Research and Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Designing
  • Photography/Videography
  • Event Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Other

Meet the Team

Bengaluru’s Youth Impacting Local Governance

Rishvanjas Raghavan

Rishvanjas Raghavan serves as the Founding President of BNP Nava Yuva. He has a background in Economics, Finance and Public Policy. He loves thinking about how governments and markets can function more efficiently. After having worked with several ministries and elected representatives across parties at the national level, he now aspires to work ground-up and directly impact the governance of his beloved Bengaluru city. Rishi is an early riser, a multi-instrumentalist, and a sports-freak who is obsessed with ultimate frisbee.

Ananya Upadhya

Ananya Upadhya is a student at National Law University, Delhi. She heads the BNP Nava Yuva Think Tank, which focuses on research and brainstorming on grass-root level issues in urban governance. In her free time, Ananya is an avid quizzer and writer.

Pooja Nagaraj

Pooja Nagaraj is a psychology graduate, currently training to be a counsellor. She uses her enthusiasm and eye for fine detail to work with our Design & Marketing team!


Arjun is an engineer with a passion for design and photography. He works on BNP Nava Yuva’s visuals in various departments! He’s the ultimate team player that you want on every team.


Yukta is a student of journalism who was inspired to join BNP Nava Yuva to help preserve the magic of Bangalore, as she remembers it growing up. She heads the Marketing & Design team, where she combines her passion for writing and design.


Divya is a law student who is passionate about the idea of local governance. She joined BNP Nava Yuva to help improve the awareness about our city’s administration among youngsters. In her free time, she likes to read and dance!